Monday, April 17, 2006

Great Embedded Video Player

I have previously posted from the front lines of the video player wars. While researching the Volvo Race for an earlier post I clicked to play one of the videos on this official site hosted by National Geographic. Since my preferences are set to play Quicktime and I suspect the site's default is set a Windows Media player, nothing happened.

But here's the good news. Their embedded media player allowed me to easily click on a link for " change preferences" to Quicktime. The video quickly streamed in its full Quicktime 7 glory and there I was down below with Justin Ferris making sail repairs onboard The Black Pearl. And I was also able to download the text transcript for the video clip after.

There was no sensation of the boat's rolling or pitching however. Cross media can't do everything yet!

W.T.G. Five Star Alert

That certainly merits a Way To Go ( W.T.G.) five star alert.

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