Monday, April 17, 2006

Sailing Around the World Online

Join the sailors on the Volvo race ( formerly the Whitbread) online as they race around the world at the media rich site Volvo Ocean Race .

Got What It Takes to Handle the Chili?
See how you do on the Big Blue. Take the helm online the Volvo Race with this way-cool Sailing Simulator , devised by the folks at National Geographic. I just jibed when I used too heavy a drag on the mouse as we were running before the wind. Fortunately I didn't knock off any heads or capsize the boat. The simulator warned me after
You've got the wind at your back but you can't relax. It only takes a slight wind direction to send your sail swinging to the other side--possibly capsizing the boat.

If you want to see what capsize looks like click on this almost photo I took of an almost capsized boat last Fall while shooting as official photographer for the Manhattan Sailing Club. You can see some of the pix I shot last season on my website Click on the link for MYC to see the pix.

The Volvo sailors arrive in New York the first week of May. They will tie up at lower Manhattan's North Cove Marina which I hope to cover on this blog. One of the many hats I wear is as official photographer for the Manhattan Sailing Club, based at North Cove.

The simulator's " salty speak" says that other ways to say sailing downwind are
" running", sailing before the wind," sailing free" or even poetically " scudding." This simulator is a great way to brush up on racing skills. If only I had time to play more...

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