Friday, April 14, 2006

Liberated Digital Photography

The future of Memories By Dane Howard

At Webmonkey , Dane Howard writes about how shooting digital " disposable photographs" makes us all better photographers, how empowered by instant feedback via the LCD screen, we keep shooting to get a better shot. He says we become liberated.

I tend to agree. I have become a much better photographer since going digital.

Check out his online version of The Future of Memories. He includes free narrative photo templates for slide shows created by different designers. I will be testing these out and posting the results for you to evaluate.

Dane writes at Webmonkey:

When you start shooting with a digital camera, your mentality begins to change. You change from a scarcity mentality to an abundance mentality. You begin to realize that you can shoot hundreds of pictures on a memory card and not worry about wasting film or money. This was very liberating for me — and I have a photography background! I can't say enough about what the digital camera has done for my willingness to take pictures. I found myself using it more often and more liberally. I would experiment with the settings and take advantage of the immediate feedback. If I didn't like the picture I saw, I erased it on the spot.

Dane Howard, The Future of Memories

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