Saturday, March 11, 2006

Totally Submersive IMAX Big Screen Experience

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IMAX beckons us to head out to our nearest large screen theater to enjoy their latest 3D extravaganza, IMAX Deep Sea 3D, which Imax co-CEO Brad Wechsler says is
" giving the consumer a reason to get off the couch." On the same web page a Netflix ad tells us that we can enjoy movies in our home. What's a person to do with so many choices at hand?

Are you asking ME? If so I would say, take a look at this trailer and then head for the nearest IMAX theater with your favorite squeeze. Put on your cool sexy 3D shades and go retro like bloggers at Boing Boing did. Movies at home are for rainy nights and take-out Chinese food. Nothing rivals the Big Screen for the ulimate sensory experience.

View the IMAX Deep Sea 3D Trailer with Quicktime 7

Spin through the deep with your small screen for now, watching the IMAX Deep Sea Trailer here after downloading the Quicktime 7 player for Mac or Quicktime 7 player for Windows free. Let the ocean's surf sweep onto your screen while your fingers stay dry on your keyboard.

This truly immersive and submersive movie experience was shot with the world's largest camera, weighing in at 1,300 pounds in its underwater housing. Big Bertha, billed by Deep Sea 3D director Howard Hall as " almost totally impractical," needs two people for its operation and costs $60 a second to use.

No small screens here, as in Little Screens, Little People,my previous post. Nestle together with your friends and listen to the stirring surround-sound musicial score. Hear Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet narrate this ode to the marvels of Big Blue life down under. Feel yourself flinch with real fear ...into your date's arms... while jelly fish seems to swim one foot away from your popcorn.

Feel your spirit and soul soar as you float through current and tide with turtles, little and BIG fishies, manta rays... just a few of the many deep-sea denizens that share this planet with us. But if you don't believe me, read all about it at Wired or

Photo Copyright Arthur Felig

Remember Weegee's pix of people that watching the first 3D flix in the 50's? Weegee, my hero, worked out of the trunk of his car which he used as darkroom through the 30's and 40's when he invented a whole new genre for photojournalists. Take a look at images taken in movie theaters, he shot using infrared film, from an ICP exhibition now online, Weegee's World: Movie Goers.

Stay tuned for more on Weegee at a later date.

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