Thursday, April 06, 2006

Trans-Species Dog Pencil Goes Bollywood

Pencil Goes Bollywood

What blogger worth their weight neglects to bring a dog into their posts?

I sent this press release via e-mail to my stoic friends last Winter. I had taken my ten year old mutt for a walk by the South Street Seaport Museum where an Indian film crew was shooting the last scene of a Bollywood epic.

I asked the director if he wanted to include Pencil in the shot. That moment the stars were whirling in a Bangala dervish as a camera on tracks spun around them, guided by a focus puller along a set of tracks. He tilted his head and looked over Pencil quickly with his keen and seasoned eye.

"This is the last location we're shooting," he told me. Maybe we can work the two lovers walking your dog into this scene."

Pencil perked up and hopefully began twirling the two whiskers that make him look like a catfish into a handlebar mustache. After all this was a Sikh production.

But it was just not meant to be. So I wrote this press release when we returned home.

I am sure some of my friends thought " Why doesn't she just go get a life?"

Maybe they do have a point.


Pencil Hollyman appeared dapper today in a silk scarf
as he returned from retirement to make a brief cameo
appearence in the Bollywood epic film Kabhi Aluida Na
Kenna, being filmed at the South Street Seaport . The
cast includes the renowned Hindi stars Shamrukm Khan
and Rani Mukerji. The reclusive aging canine star
refused to answer any questions, after a brief photo
session, and nipped the heels of A New York Post
reporter who tried to follow him back to his trailer.

" I'm so sorry that Pencil doesn't suffer fools
gladly, " Pencil's publicist and owner Stephenie
Hollyman, told the star's disappointed fans who had
waited in the cold since early morning for a glimpse
of the eminent and grizzled actor, " but as you know
he truly has a heart of gold. So please forgive him. "

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