Saturday, April 22, 2006

Gary Fong's Light Dome

Gary Fong's Light Dome

I used a nifty new gadget on my flash to take a picture of the president of a 132-year old tugboat company, McAllister Towing. In my last post I showed the first photo I took with this dome, of tugboat kingpin Capt. Brian A. McAllister. This Light Sphere II Inverted Dome Diffuser, invented by Gary Fong, really does a pretty good job. It just arrived by UPS the day before taking this shot.

I held the Light-Sphere fitted flash to camera left with a remote TTL sensor on my camera's hotshoe. Then I bracketed shutter speeds to get the dramatic look I wanted.

Gary supplies an instructional DVD with every dome. He reccomends that you shoot in manual mode with the flash on TTL so the background doesn't drop out darkly.

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