Monday, April 07, 2008

Dith Pran

My Dear Friend,

Peace, love and compassion. You always wished that for others.

You had love and compassion in spades. At the end, I hope you found peace while holding the hand of your cherished Meoun Ser Dith.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Seeing Machine

And here's another impressive MIT video interview with poet who is going blind called the "Seeing Machine" in which the poet discusses a collaboration between MIT scientists and herself that allows her to see text for the first time in months via images from a computer projected onto her retina.
Elizabeth Goldring is an artist, poet and Senior Fellow at MIT's Center for Advanced Visual Studies. Her collaborative research at CAVS includes visualizing her own vision loss and developing both a visual language and "seeing machine" for people who are blind or visually challenged. This video was produced in collaboration with the MIT News Office in April 2006 as a video news release about Goldring's Seeing Machine Prototype.The video includes excerpts from an earlier documentary produced by Goldring and Ellen Sebring, as well as video art collaborations with Vin Grabill

Music and the Expressive Hand

Also on one of the MIT Media lab's student blogs on Digital Dialogues is quickie sound bite by neurologist Frank Wilson, who Glorianna Davenport says...

...has devoted much of his life to studying the connections between the hand, music and emotional commitment. How can our use of hand create deeper engagement? Does the enormous emphasis on typed text that is so prevalent in today's digital world constrain us? When will tangible digital objects and broader sensory interfaces transform our engagement in the digital dialog and how will this transformation effect our development as artisans and citizens?

Fly With An Eagle

Fly with Tilly the Eagle who is equipped with a web-cam on her wings. In the process you will learn all about eagles in flight and marvel.

I found this wonderful link through MIT's Interactive Experience Group in the MIT Media Lab. Students keep blogs. This blog is called Media Fabrics.