Tuesday, February 28, 2006

DocuDay NYC Videos Coming Soon...

Stay Tuned. Videos With Doc-Makers Coming Later This Week
Marshall Curry, Director of Street Fight, Photo/Hollyman c. 2006

As soon as I find time to edit the video I shot I will upload these reports from the IDA on:

Marshall Curry filmed, produced, wrote and cut his great epic doc Street Fight as a one person team, a terrific tale about the 32-year-old Rhodes Scholar/Yale Law School grad Cory Booker who ran for mayor of Newark. Marshall's quest to tell the story of one man's fight against an entenched political machine is especially relevant today. More on Marshall later...

And also more on the film making team of Dana Adam Shapiro, Jeff Mandel and Henry-Alex Rubin who brought us Murderball, a terrfic sports story about quad rugby, played by quadriplegics in armored wheelchairs.

Praise be to the International Documentary Association (IDA)

Thanks to IDA, AKA International Documentary Association and its Executive Director, Sandra Ruch, along with her capable team of volunteers, New Yorkers were treated to a day-long feast of documentary films yesterday at the DGA's elegant Florence Gould Theater at 57th Street. The Zulu have a word called " Indaba" that stands for a forum in which share ideas and collaborate. Sounds like DocuDay NYC. The Sundance Channel provided much-needed funding to make this all possible.

Over this next week I will be uploading some videos I shot at the fest during some Q&A sessions which Ruch conducted with film makers whose works have been nominated for Academy Awards. I will try to encode the audio track as MP3 files that you can play on your computer or download and listen to in your iPod on your way to work. Inshallah. God willing. And my time willing.

Join the IDA

If you are still reading this post you should join the IDA too , a wonderful community devoted to documentary film-makers. You get a magazine subscrition too.

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