Sunday, February 12, 2006

Snow-Struck Seaport

If you clicking here to see the slide show of photos I took during the blizzard you'll have to go to my website. The java-script doesn't seem to be working once this post was archived.

So go to my web-site where you can see the show as a pod cast using Slide on the home page. Then click on the link above for Snow Struck Seaport to see the large Flash slideshow. Before leaving do click on this audio blog post below. Open a new window to play the slideshow as you listen to Hart Crane's words.

Audio Blog: Hart Crane's To Brooklyn Bridge

Here are photos I took this morning of my South Street neighborhood in the snow, keeping in mind Crane's line...

" Already snow submerges an iron bound year..."

On a previous post on audio blogging I read Hart Crane's poem "To Brooklyn Bridge" and pledged to illustrate it with photographs over this next few weeks. Click here to hear the poem.

this is an audio post - click to playHart Crane's " To Brooklyn Bridge"


Linda said...

Hey Steph, they're beautiful. The half transparent snowing texture is great, and I especially loved the fire escape too.

Naomi Teppich said...

I listened to your poem, but I guess I don't have flash and the photos did not come up on my computer. I'd like to see the photos. If you could e-mail one or two that would be great. We only got 3 inches of snow. what a reversal!

Professor Kim said...


nancy c said...

Hey, the slideshow did not work for me. The link took me to the place where you can create aslideshow using flickr and the Blogger software.

nancy c said...

Update: the slideshow played fine when I clicked on it directly from your website. It's just a Blogger issue apparently.

Also, I misclicked on the opening page of your blog because on my mac, the text of the active hyperlink is nearly the same color as the rest of the text in the sentence. For macs maybe you could make it a more different color.