Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Niche Video Content: Panther's Burn Baby Burn Hot Sauce

Play Burn Baby Burn Panther Hot Sauce Video Story

So what are some Black Panthers doing today? Looks like some members are making hot sauce, no joke, their latest HOT ... VERY HOT new product. Burn Baby Burn Hot Sauce is being distributed by Everett and Jones Barbecue in San Francisco's East Bay, according to Black Panther David Hillard and Fredrika Newton, widow of the former party leader, say their hot sauce is "going to have a label on this bottle that's going to explain the context of what we mean by Burn Baby Burn, and give people some education. " Their goal they say is not to make money but to target a whole new generation that may think that "Huey Newton is a cookie".

In a previous post on I wrote about the power of a Vlog to tell an interesting story to a niche audience. Here's an example with a video story I found while researching my last post. As an aside in my post on bird and audio content I asked " What are the Black Panthers doing today ?" After googling I found this great story. ( Sigh... already done) I didn't pay a cent to view the video because that is the biz model for now. But in the future, would I pay maybe 25 cents to view this report by a CBS affiliate? The text version would be the teaser. Probably. If it grabs my attention. And how will you grab my attention? By appealing to my "niche" interests.

But how do you bring people to your niche content like this video clip? Write provocative meta-tags for a clip like this including maybe " baby boomers, race relations, Hewey Newton, hot sauce, 1960's, revolution, armed revolt etc. and not only will NSA's search robots go crazy but Google's and Yahoo's as well. And if were charging 25 cents a play for this clip, with a teaser for free, they can count on collecting more than chump change over the long haul.

Hot sauce? You bet.

Publishing the content is in our own hands. Right now.

Making money doing so? Not yet. But it's coming.

Power to the people right on.

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