Monday, February 20, 2006

Who's Ben the Netizen?

Ben Kreeger, age 19, has staked his spot in cyberspace with a blog. He was one among 5 million other Netizens that downloaded the Sturday Night Live" Lazy Sunday" video clip and posted it online. In my last post NBC Threatens Video Sharing Sites I wrote about the viral buzz NBC's " Lazy Video" clip received, as reported by Boingboing on Friday and the The New York Times today. NBC lawyers are threatening video sharing services where the clip is hosted, uploaded by users. NBC wants people to buy the clip at iTunes for $1.99 or play it only at NBC's web-site where they will be branded on the rump by the NBC peacock.

In my post I ask "But will Smart Mob users like pay to download video content when there's so much out there for free? Ben tells his fellow Netizens " I ripped this. It's at the address above...there's a link to it in a .zip file, in .mp4 format."

I found Ben in Googled Land. I'll ask him if he will pay to download content and tell you what I find. If he doesn't want to answer I'll take this post down.

Ben certainly sounds affable enough and he's cute too as you can see from his photo. Ben's Blogger profile has saved me a lot of work. Before I even contact Ben I have learned from his blog that Ben says he is a 19-year old college student. A Virgo, Ben says he's lovestruck, resilient, a photographer and music nut. He's writing his post while listening to the Rolling Stones, who he says, " Well, they're performing as best they can. Let's face it, they're aging poorly. "

He passed his microeconomics test with a score of (175/200) and says "I'm drinking less pop and coffee and whitening my teeth, because nobody likes a hideous smile (or a frown, for that matter)."

"Peace, love, and boredom. I'm out, " he tells us on his way to take a shower.

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