Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Netizen Kenny Irby Speaks

Kenny Irby, Director of the Visual Journalism Group at The Poynter Instutue. Photo Ben Russell/NewsU

This is the second query of what will beome a regular feature of this blog. Called "Netizens Speak" I queried Kenneth F. Irby, Visual Journalism Group Leader & Director of Diversity Programs at The Poynter Institute For Media Studies last night, asking, "How do you think people process audio content vs visual? What is power or strength of one over the other?" Eloquent as ever, Kenny just replied.

For me, I think that the web affords media companies a tremendous opportunity to enrich reporting and information delivery. Information consumers now have far more options than every before and journalists must meet these needs to remain competitive in this new age media consumption. Audio is the new hot things for print outlets. Albeit, it is not new really new--- radio has been around for a long time. The authenticity and emotional factors are increased by blending natural sound with still photographs. People are attracted by quality integration of audio and photojournalism. Both audio and still photography are powerful story telling structures, together they are extremely powerful and effective journalistic tools. The combination of a compelling photograph complimented by the natural voice of the individual explaining the context of their situation is arresting.

-Kenny Irby, The Poynter Institute

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