Sunday, March 12, 2006

Patrick's Shareware JavaScript Slideshow Generator

Patrick Fitzgerald, the Code Bandito Who Generously Shares His JavaScript Slideshow Generator With You To Use

For all of you ambitious code monkies out there here is a link that is worth its weight in gold, shareware in the very best sense of the word. With the slideshow wizard created by Patrick Fitzgerald you can now create a quick and easy JavaScript slideshow. In fact, in order to use this tool, you don't even have to know much at all. You just have to like to cut and past the URL's from where you store your images.

I use Flickr for now.

You may have seen the Flash slideshow Snow Struck Seaport I created for this blog, using code and the instructions from a fellow Blogger user. Now that the post is archived deep within Blogger the slideshow doesn't run. I also had problems re-sizing its player window and had to re-write some code on my Jogger template to fit the player.

Full Disclosure

I don't write code. I just cut and paste. Flash? I'd like to learn it but don't have time...or maybe even the apptitide to do so. I'm not very good with numerical concepts and have a terrible memory for anything that doesn't interest me. Like code. HTML? Fine. It's easy and WYSIWYG. And I go to always useful WebMonkey if my memory fails me while tagging.

Patrick Fitzgerald's Free JavaScript Slideshow Generator

That's why Patrick's shareware is so perfect for daffy story-teller folks like me.

I found this free tool while checking the source code for a slideshow on the site for the Side Photograhic Gallery home page which I saw while researching my previous post on Weegee. I tried playing it with various browsers and it does just fine. Check it out yourself.

Go to BarelyFitz Design's JavaScript Slideshow wizard and play around. If you don't get it, Patrick has even been nice enough to do a demo where he shows you how to do it. Patrick's Slideshow Demo includes his voice.

Thanks Patrick! When I get some time this non-techie will play around with your useful wizard. Although he doesn't charge for usage of this code, Patrick Fitzgerald does accept donations. Since 1994, Patrick Fitzgerald has created and maintained sites for diverse clients — from Fortune 100 corporations to non-profit organizations.

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Patrick said...

Thanks for the link. Just to clarify: the slideshow generator does not produce Flash, it uses plain old HTML and JavaScript (aka dynamic HTML).